EGE subscribes to an active partnership policy that brings mutual gains to partner institutions, and gives greater insight to the human resources needs of these institutions. Working closely with the employers of tomorrow’s decision makers is the best guarantee for training that meets the demands of such positions, and other top job opportunities, for our graduates.

The scientific, educational, and participatory initiatives of the School and CERAM testify to our deep commitment to a higher education institution that brings added value to society at large.

In this regard, the activities of the Public Sector Support Office, as well as the research missions of the Research Centre for Africa and the Mediterranean, offer numerous opportunities for mutual aid and support, consultancy, and in-service training.

Here are some examples of the range of our partnerships:

  • Advanced training for professionals given by academic researchers at CERAM;
  • Participatory activities open to Moroccan high school and university students (different issues and areas: constitutional reform debate, sporting activities ...);
  • Selection of interns according to profiles specified by partner institutions (internal pre-selection, student files and interviews).

To find out about partnership openings for your institution, check Become a Partner.

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